Radiology Workflow

RADLAB suite

RADLAB suite is our solution for patient flow improvement and capacity management in radiology. It has been developed with radiology managers and offers advanced analytical tools and proven consulting services.


Analytical tools to help you with patient flow improvement and capacity management, enabling you to calculate more realistic plans.

  • Performance Monitor | comprehensive dashboard to track key performance indicators.
  • Demand Forecaster | predict future demand based on data from referring departments
  • Production Optimizer | fine tune production plan based on an updated demand forecast.
  • Staffing Optimizer | to fine tune staffing plan based on an updated production plan.
  • Schedule Optimizer | optimize appointment schedule, to reduce patient wait times and improve scanner utilisation.

RADLAB Services

Expert-guided services to assist your team in implementing patient flow improvement. Our experts have successfully completed over 60 improvement projects worldwide, and demonstrated repeatedly that 10% improvement is well achievable in a short period of time.

  • Quick Scan | explores opportunities for process optimisation, utilising data analysis, stakeholder interviews, and process observation.
  • Kaizen Event | rapid workflow improvement, through intensive teamwork, fact-based and solution-oriented.
  • Action Learning | trains and coaches your team towards continuous improvement.






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