About Care IQ

About Care IQ

At Care IQ we live and breathe care innovation. We represent a wide array of expertise, ranging from designing and optimizing patient pathways to innovating and marketing new medical technology, from strategic advice, to implementation support and change management. When needed, we combine our extensive experience with the complementary skills of our network partners.

Meet the team

André van Est

André van Est is a healthcare entrepreneur and MedTech professional, with over 30 years of experience in the innovation of medical technology and healthcare delivery processes.

Andre is an enthusiastic champion of lean six sigma and value-based healthcare, and supports care providers during operational challenges. He enjoys the dedication of people when they are truly involved in the innovation process.

Frits van Krieken

Frits van Krieken is an entrepreneur and healthcare innovator, who has been working with medical technology and care providers for more than 30 years.

With his broad experience in people and business management, Frits quickly gets to the bottom of clinical pathway challenges. He enjoys developing people and methods, as well as bridging different disciplines and cultures.

Joris van den Hurk

Joris van den Hurk is an entrepreneur, innovator,  and seasoned executive with nearly 30 years of international experience in the semiconductor and medical technology industries.

Throughout his career, Joris has worked with healthcare providers and medtech companies in addressing challenges such as process inefficiencies, continuous improvement and innovation. By applying patient flow- and capacity management, in a people-centric, fact-based and solution-oriented manner, Joris helped improve patient satisfaction and enhance staff engagement.